Things to do in Gamboa Panama

Gamboa Panama Meant for Wildlife Lovers

Gamboa Panama was well maintained by Panama Canal employees who live there. Now, the small town no longer has the vibrancy of civilization as it used to have but the enthusiasm to go there is still high. The main reason to go there is of course, the rainforest. Undisturbed by massive development, the town is sleepy but the forest is highly alert. Birds, monkeys, iguanas, crocodile, snakes, caymans, and other exotic animals are living comfortably at jungle canopy. It is not for party lovers but Gamboa Panama is surely meant for wildlife lovers.

Gamboa Panama Fun Activities

Hiking into the deep of relatively undisturbed rainforest could be the common idea come into mind when you hear about Gamboa Panama. Inhale the fresh air while enjoying the natural track and stunning wild growing trees all around with a hope to see wild animals on the walk sounds incredible. Nevertheless, Gamboa Panama offers you more than that. Various fun activities in the captivated nature are available there, especially with five stars resort providing high-class services to ensure everyone enjoy the vacation and bring back great memories home.
Gamboa Panama

Bird watching is the most popular activity since Gamboa is the best birding destination in Panama. Numerous bird watching sites in the neighboring Gamboa Panama with different bird species to watch in different sites are waiting the guest to come. Mostly, guests are choosing guided bird watching tour because it ensures the guests will not lost, get enough information about the bird, and get complete tour to different sites in one day. Yet, the best of all could be birding pipeline activity. It is premier birding hike following the old pipeline trail. If you come in the right time, you may get the chance to join the ornithologist to count the birds. Bird counting is yearly activity so check the schedule first if you wish to join in.

Gamboa Panama

Various types of tour including aerial tram tour, radio station tour, boat tour, and more tours are very exciting options. If you like to catch fish, fishing at Panama Canal Lake would be great idea. For water sport lover, enjoy kayaking through the canal. For you who love different sensation, find secret waterway to meet capuchin and different species of primates at Monkey Island or take a night safari and watch how entertaining animal are in the darkness. More and more activities are now available to attract more guests to come. The key is you should expect all about nature when you visit Gamboa Panama.
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