List of Airports in Panama

Panama is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Florida. Many visitors are coming from other countries. Yes, it is not a secret that the exotic of Panama has attracted millions of people from all over the world. Because of that reason, information related to airports in Panama turned to be something popular on the internet. 

Airports in Panama

Names of Airports in Panama

Here is the list of airports in Panama:

Achutupo                                  ACU                             Kuna Yala                     Achutupo
Ailigandi Airport                                    AIL                               Kuna Yala (San Blas)     Ailigandi
Panama Pacific                         BLB      MPPA/MPHO    Arraijan                         Panama Province
Bocas del Toro Airport              BOC     MPBO              Bocas del Toro             Bocas del Toro
Carti Airport                              CTE                              Kuna Yala                     Carti
Chame Airport                                       MP24                Panama                        Chame
Capitan Manuel Nino                  CHX     MPCH               Bocas del Toro             Changuinola
Enrique Adolfo Jimenez             ONX     MPEJ               Colon                           Colon
Chitre Alonso Valderrama          CTD      MPCE               Herrera Province            Chitre
Contadora Airport                      OTD                             Panama Province          Contadora Island
Corazon de Jesus Airport          CZJ                              Panama Province          Corazon de Jesus
Enrique Malek Airport                DAV     MPDA              Chririqui Province          David
El Porvenir Airport                     PVE     MPVR               Kuna Yala                     El Porvenir
El Real Airport                           ELE                              Darien Province             El Real
Fort Sherman                                        MPFS               Colon Province             Fuerte Sherman
Garachine Airport                      GHE                             Darien Province             Garachine
Jaque Airport                            JQE      MPJE               Darien Province             Jaque
Captain Ramon Xatruch Airport  PLP      MPLP               Darien Province             La Palma
Augusto Vergara Airport                                    MPNU               Los Santos Province     Los Santos
Miraflores – Darien Airport                                             Darien Province             Miraflores
Mulatupo Airport                       MPP                             Kuna Yala                     Mulatupo
Panama Albrook Int airport        PAC     MPMG              Panama Province          Panama City
Tocumen Int Airport                   PTY      MPTO               Panama Province          Panama City
Capt. J. Montenegro Airport       PDM                             Los Santos                   Pedasi
Playon Chico Airport                 PYC                             Kuna Yala                     Playon Chico
Puerto Obaldia Airport               PUE     MPOA              Kuna Yala                     Puerto Obaldia
Bahia Pina Airport                     BFQ                             Darien Province             Puerto Pina
Rio Hato Airport                                    RIH       MPRH               Cocle Province              Rio Hato
Rio Sidra Airport                       BFQ                             Kuna Yala                     Rio Sidra
Sambu Airport                           SAX                             Darien Province             Sambu
San Miguel Airport                     NMG                             Pearl Islands (Panama)  San Miguel
Ruben Cantu Airport                  SYP     MPSA               Veraguas Province        Santiago
Ustupo Airport                          UTU                              Kuna Yala                     Ustupo
Wannukandi Airport                   NBL      MPWN              Kuna Yala                     Wannukandi
Yaviza Airport                           PYV                             Darien Province             Yaviza

Some of those airports in Panama are serving international flight and some other are just for local flights. We just have to see the city we stay and take the right flight if want to move to other cities or spots in Panama. The biggest airport is the Panama City Airport, which serves 5 major airlines and international flights, including from UK and US.
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