Big Holidays in Panama 2015

Holidays in Panama | Panama is located in Central America where people can easily find buildings from the 18th century, tiny tropical islands, dense rainforests, mountains and volcano. Just like any other growing cities in the world, Panama also brings rich traditions and culture, which can be seen from its holidays. Holidays in Panama often celebrate with festivals and it becomes one of the most interesting attractions for tourists. There are 13 holidays that can be found in Panama and each holiday, many people from all over the world gathered there to watch the amazing festivals and other attractions.

Festive Holidays in Panama

Here are some holidays in Panama, where festive celebrations usually held:

-    Martyr’s Day

This holiday commemorates the day when Panamanian students marched to Balboa High School to make a protest of raising US flag in the Canal Zone School, January 9, 1964. The protest created a huge riot between Zonians and the Panamanians. 22 people were killed and more than 200 people were injured.

Holidays in Panama

-    Carnival Time or El Carnaval

Coming as one of the most festive holidays in Panama, this carnival comes in a similar way to Mardi gras in the United States, where people fill the streets and wearing costumes, floats, revelers and confetti for four days during the carnival. At the end of the carnival, a Queen will be selected. There will be full of attendants, so tourists must book before they can join the celebration.

-    Separation Day

It is celebrated every November to commemorate the nation’s separation in 1903 from Columbia. Panama was born with the help of United States and during the holiday, parades will be held.

-    Easter

Just like in the United States, Easter in Panama do on the first Sunday after the full moon between March 22 and April 25.

-    Black Christ Festival

This is a religious festival, which is held on October 21 every year. Thousands of Panamanians will go to Iglesia San Felipe church located in Portobelo. The go there to venerate the Christ statue. Many Panamanians believe that the black statue of Christ has brought miracles to them.

-    Independence day

The independence day of Panama declared on November 28, 1821. Panamanians celebrate the event with parades in the days around November 28.

Visiting Panama during those holidays will bring a unique experience. There, we will be able to find memorable festivals, parades, carnivals beside the country’s beautiful nature. So, let us write down the holidays in Panama and feel the experience.
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