Playa Blanca Panama, Heaven in the Pacific

Playa Blanca Panama is the place where we can find wealthy Panamanians and savvy visitors going to enjoy the finest beaches and scenery in Central America. It is located on Arco Seco or Panama’s Dry Arc. The Playa Blanca along the large arc brings its own unique ecosystem. The area is about 20 minutes from lush rainforests and the coastal region is given with mild temperature. One of the most interesting objects that can be seen by visitors is a prime nesting spot for waterbirds called Refugio De Vida Silvestre Penon De La Honda.

Playa Blanca Panama Offers Unique Sand Mixture


Playa Blanca Panama

Playa Blanca Panama also offers some beaches where unique mixture of sands can be seen. Yes, different with any other beaches in the world, we can find brown, white and volcanic black sand there. When selecting place to get some sun and relax, we need to see if the beaches are open for motorized vehicles. However, we must know that the area is cooler than other places in the country with a warm temperature.

Visitors can also swim in the beach because like any other beaches in Pacific Ocean, the water is quite warm. What we have to understand is that on certain season, the beaches are full of jellyfish, especially during the period between December and February. There are also stingrays, so visitors must be aware when swimming. The Playa Blanca Panama becomes so famous because of its colorful marine life.

If we do not want to swim at the beach, we can still choose plenty of pools offered by hotels and resorts there. There is Club Playa Blanca Panama which is constructing a huge pool and it is known as the second biggest swimming pool in the world. There, visitors are also given other access to harvest healthier body, such as Yoga, tennis, aerobics and many more.

Playa Blanca Panama also offers ownership opportunities by launching Playa Blanca Villas. The villas are not just good for us who love warm tropical beaches but also for us who want to grab some benefits from property. The Playa Blanca Panama is not far from the Panama City crowd; we can reach it with just one hour trip by car. Many tourists admitted that this destination is one of the best in the Pacific Ocean and most of them want to visit it every year. So, why we have to confuse choosing destination if Playa Blanca Panama brings all the things we need?
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