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Going to Panama without visiting the beach will be incomplete. Doing a vacation in Panama means that you need to enjoy the beach because the beaches are the treasures of Panama. They what makes Panama so famous as a holiday destination. The best Panama beach is actually easy to find because all beaches in Panama are actually beautiful. However, you might need to visit the most popular one where you can make the best memories. The warm and dry temperature of Panama will make you feel enjoyable in every beach vacation you, but if you need a recommendation of good beaches, here are some of them.

The Comarca Kuna Yala can be considered as the best Panama beach considering that it has over 350 islands. This beach is really amazing with the white sand and clear water completed with palm trees to the sides making anyone who see this place feel so peaceful. Moreover, this is where Kuna lives, which means you can find an attractive village from Kuna people with colorful fabric clustering as a sign of the population. You can do some sports like swimming, but do not scuba diving since this is prohibited in this beach. Most people who come here are more interested with the Kuna people as well as enjoying the Panama beach.

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If you love snorkeling than swimming, the Slippers Islands can be a great holiday destination to visit. This is also called the Slippers Islands while its original name is CayosZapatillas is because it has a shape like footprints. It combines beach with clear water, white sand, coral and jungle. The beach is well surrounded with coral and jungle as the borders. This is no wonder that this great Panama beach is well known because of the blue water and the clean sand offer beautiful and amazing natural scenery. 

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The Pearl Islands are also a great holiday destination for you to enjoy white sand and calm water. This beach is good for swimming and snorkeling. However, this Panama beach is crowded only in holidays. It might be quite outside the holidays even for the weekends. So, if you want to feel its crowdie, come for the holidays. This is easy to find the best Panama beach considering that Panama is close to the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. There are hundreds or even thousands of islands, which means best beaches are easy to find.
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