Cost of Living in Panama for Expat to Live Comfortably

Before you decide to work and stay abroad in Panama, you had better know the cost of living in Panama. It will give you a little tells about how you will live in the country, whether living comfortably or vice versa. Principally, cost of living in Panama is lower than developed country. If you from US, Canadian, Western European, or other developed countries and get nice salary from big company, you likely find the living cost is quite cheap. However, if you hired by Panamanian company with average wage, you may feel it high cost. Then, your lifestyle will influence your spending.

Cost of Living in Panama is All about Location and Specification


Similar with other places around the world, location and specification play important role to cost of living in Panama. Living in the center of the Panama City with high quality gears is surely cost you more than living outside the city with common gears. Some areas in the country are exclusive with expensive condos and almost all luxurious things including fine dining and premier shopping area are there. On the other hand, the other part of the country offer more reasonable cost of living in Panama and even lower than that with inexpensive housing, clothing, food, and entertainment. 

cost of living in panama

Pay attention to your choice of house because housing expense could be your biggest spending that influence the most to the cost of living in Panama. The range is wide from as low as $500 to more than $2500 a month; depend on the location and the house classification. If you choose the lowest, prepare yourself to get unfurnished room in old apartment building outside the city. If you choose the middle rate, you may get a little closer to the city with furnished apartment. If you can spend more than $2000, you can expect elite condo with excellent amenities and even view to Panama Bay. 
Cost of living in panama 2015

When you rent an apartment, water is commonly included on the rate but if not, you may be charged no more than $10 a month. Gas is another commonly included entity for apartment rental with gas line. If gas line is not installed, you need gas tank that cost around $5 for the small size and $50 for large size. Electricity could cost you in the range of $50 to $300 per month. For foods, clothing, health care, and entertainment, you can find them all available to meet any budget as long as you do your in-place research, get more friends, and speak Spanish. In short, $1,500 is enough to live in Panama yet more than $2,000 is believed to be better plan for comfort in Panama. In the end, it is your own choice to make cost of living in Panama high or low.
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